Digital Business Card

With a digital business card, you have a smart, effective, contactless and sustainable way to share your contact and business information instantly with new contacts and prospective customers even when you are offline.

A digital business card is a fast way to share details

A digital business card is like your old business card but smarter. It allows you to share your contact details instantly and without physical contact.

It’s easy to update your business contact details on your electronic business card.

You can customise the information you want to show on your virtual business card to new business contacts and prospective customers. You can display your phone number, address, website, or social media accounts on your virtual business card.

How the digital business card works

The digital business card relies on NFC technology. NFC stands for near-field communication. The technology enables connectivity between devices when they touch each other or are within a few centimetres of one another.

You don’t need to be online for the digital business card to work, as the connectivity is wireless. Take out your digital business card and let your new contact tap it with their phone. Next, your contact details will display on their screen to view and save.

The NFC technology works on all new smartphones using Android or iOS. If your new contact or prospective customer has an older style phone, they can still access your digital business card by scanning the QR code.

Your digital business card is modern and sustainable

Do you want your business to go paperless? Start with your business card. An electronic business card is just so much handier. And it’s keeping with the times; your contacts and especially your prospective customers may well look into your business’ eco print.

Consumers want businesses to show commitment to sustainability, and your virtual business card is a good start.

A digital business card gives a good first impression of you and your business. Your new contact or prospective customer will get instant access to your contact details, your website and your social media accounts. And you can rest assured your details will always be up to date.

Digitise your business card with Techyworks

Find out more about having a digital business card and get in touch with Techyworks. We can talk about the different styles of cards that are available and what information you should put on your virtual business card.

You can also learn about all the other beneficial features that come with an electronic business card then decide if you want to go ahead and digitise your business card.

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